Kaydence The Lee


I’m constantly torn between wanting to fuck
& wanting to fucking hang myself




REPTAR BARS!!! Recipe under the cut.

Reptar bar! Reptar bar! The candy bar supreme!! The candy bar that turns your tongue greeeen!!

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Holy shitgits, guys. Just… Just holy shitgits.

I need this in my life

teacher: ok everyone you're going to get into groups
me: oh fuck
me: social interaction
me: what in here can i kill myself with
me: oh god there isn't anything
me: everyone is choosing groups and i'm sitting here alone
me: why am i talking to myself


Thinking you have a chance with someone, and then realizing that you actually don’t.
Wasting your time on someone.
Wasting your time thinking about them every minute of the day.
Wasting your time waiting for a text or call back.
Wasting your time wondering if they feel…